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Mass hiring made simple.

We make evergreen and mass hiring painless by automatically sourcing, screening, and delivering qualified candidates for your hiring events.

Give us your requirements and we'll provide you with fully vetted candidates.  It’s that easy.

We provide fully vetted candidates to you, ready to be interviewed.

We can help you find quality essential workers for industrial, warehouse, healthcare, retail, food service, and many other sectors.


Digital Evergreen combines both traditional and cutting-edge recruitment methods to reach more candidates, including those not actively searching on job boards. 


We can automatically schedule interviews or hiring event attendance for those candidates who pass pre-screening.


We employ advanced tools and techniques to carefully pre-screen candidates, selecting only those who meet your specific criteria.


We send multiple interview reminders to candidates, greatly reducing the number of missed interviews.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Quality.

Digital Evergreen works fast. Quality candidates are scooped up quickly, so timing is everything. We run seven day campaigns leading up to your hiring event or interview blitz to saturate a target market with your messaging. We provide only the best candidates to attend your event.


Whether you’re mass hiring 100 employees for the same role, or you're continually hiring for evergreen positions with high turnover, Digital Evergreen can help you accomplish better results in less time, with lower expense.

Are you ready to reach more quality applicants?

Digital Evergreen expands your reach far beyond job boards, reaching more of the entire addressable candidate market. We deploy novel methods of passive candidate sourcing, reaching prime candidates who aren’t actively job hunting.

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